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I have never felt so unappreciative. He will be the death of me. The sadness within me my heart bleeds. You say you love me yet embarrass me. For everyone to see. 

Know I’m the fool with everyone laughing at me. You are not a good one. I’m done. You don’t appreciate me. I’m done. You don’t show me the attention I deserve. I’m done. You don’t want to show your love for me off to the world. I’m done. I am not loved by you and it hurts. “What is wrong with me”…i ask myself.

I am unloved and won’t put up with it any longer. 

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Missing You.

THE SADNESS  is always there. I look around and open my eyes realizing you are not with me and I am even more alone. We should have never been apart. It’s not right. My heart is empty and truthfully I am lost without you. 

I never wanted to let you down, forgive me if I slip away, to hide my tears away from this crazy world. Asking myself how did I get  here, for my life to be so far off. So far gone. I am lost. But I will fight to have you in my arms  again. You are my everything.  

I promise I’ll come back to you one day.

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What is life really? I don’t like it right now.

The world is against me, when I have done nothing to the world. The people I love most have been taken away from me.   The people who are supposed to love me really want to see me fail and knock me down. I will still show them I will be successful, but why is it this negative. Having no one to lift you up. Having to lift up yourself. No one to talk to.

I am a delicate flower getting plucked and stomped on by life. The bitterness becoming inside of me. I can’t think. When all I want is to be around people who truly care and love me,  But sadly life isn’t giving me that.

It is true when people say the world is cruel.