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Broken Down 

     PLEASE  take a knife to my heart as I can not do it,  At this time like shattered  glass I am nothing. Broken hearted because of you I lost everything,  just a spiteful  black shadow you are now to me. The anger is there in between.  You said I was ur everything yet treated  me disrespectfully, my past is my past yet I am always attacked. My feelings  were non-existent and no one had my back.

My heart is now in your evil hands, and you have the nerve to think it is okay,  but I will not choose to die and leave this earth with my heart in your heartless hands. With my all I will fight for him back. I am his PROTECTOR. My LOVE is strong. I am STRONGER than you think and you will reap what you sow.

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Enjoy the moments worth sharing.

Enjoy the memories worth remembering.

Enjoy the positives life brings.

Just simply enjoy living.

Don’t enjoy the negatives that get you down. 

Enjoy turning those frowns upside down.

Enjoy the laughter and smiles.

Enjoy the people with good morals.

Never loose childish enthusiasm and things will come your way. 

Live joyfully and watch things unfold happily.