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Mysterious Past


I think a lot. A lot goes on in my head. A lot about life and what I have been through. It’s funny when I think about the past I always remember it starting when I was at age 4 and my mom got in a huge fight with my dad , not even noticing me carrying my little baby blanket in my hands crying. Then my memory skips to when I was at age 8 and I’m at a wedding because my father was getting married to my step-mom. (As that was happening I had to figure out and concluded for myself that my parents got a divorce). 

Going back and forth visiting my mom, my dad had custody of me and my 2 older brothers. I remember some good times. Like how every time we would see her she would always take us to buy my brothers video games and buy me stuffed animals, and how she would always make us smoothies and make us laugh, And boy was I a daddy’s girl. We would dance to the temptations, and he would teach me how to cook and as young as I was he would do my hair and let me lay next to him when thunderstorms woke me up and he would defend me whenever my stepmom was yelling at me for no reason at all (she didn’t like me). 

Then my memory skips to my teen years, which was really rough for me and a real mystery, but I will say that I lost my father when I was 16 and lost my mother when I was 18. I miss them everyday and hold on to as much precious memories as I can. Some dark memories(mystery), but mostly good.

I always just wonder that when I look back on my past why do I remember what I remember and why have I forgotten what isn’t there? Why are the memories in pieces…fragments?

A Real mysterious.


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